Decatur: Doug Dahlgren and Half Price Books


Doug Dahlgren

Doug Dahlgren is perhaps most visible (or should I say “heard”) in the Atlanta area as the radio personality behind The Doug Dahlgren Show—formerly known as The Prologue. This weekly radio program is where Doug hosts discussions with authors whether local or from across the county. He’s a consummate professional, always prepared for the guest author and their latest book and making the author feel as if they’ve spent their life behind a microphone. Of course, Doug has help! His wife Donna is the secret sauce powering Doug’s show. She reads every book cover to cover, leaves reviews (bless her), and helps Doug prepare for each week’s broadcast.

But Doug is not just a radio show host, he is also an author in his own right. An author with a bucketful of five star reviews for his series of contemporary thrillers he dubs “plausible fiction.” From congressmen who are dying off mysteriously, to drug cartels that are gaining power, to a killer of former Navy Seals, to Russian gangs, federal agents, and the syndicate, Jonathan Crane, Dahlgren’s protagonist, battles for what’s right against formidable odds. And, of course, Crane survives to fight through the series of six novels. He’s an assassin known only as The Son. As such, Crane metes out justice according to his own rules of right and wrong, thankfully, rules aligned with the readers’ view of the world.


The first in the series, The Son: Silas Rising, was penned in 2010 and followed with near super-human alacrity by the next five in the series, including The Daedalus Directive, the last, in three and a half years. Doug has a vocal and enthusiastic fan base, some comparing his work to Vince Flynn’s and finding a new hero to follow in Jonathan Crane now that Flynn has passed. Doug considered moving on to other settings and series after The Daedalus Directive, but because his fans clamored for more, he is writing a new stand-alone novel but returning to and reuniting some of the characters from the series. It no doubt will find a loyal readership.

Doug is a mild mannered, polite, individual, not someone you would at first think writes edge-of-the seat political suspense. So where does he get his ideas and how does he work what looks like magic? The answer is lots of research, naturally, including everything from espionage, to high-tech weapons, to belief systems in synch and at odds with America’s values. And, then, there are the characters that populate the novels. Doug says he studies people around him whether friends or relatives or complete strangers. Be careful what you say around Doug, or what you admit to knowing, you might find yourself cast in the role of one of his characters, if not in his well received series then in his unnamed new work perhaps!

Find out more about Doug Dahlgren on his website: and about his radio show here:  . If you are an author and are excited about the prospect of hearing your voice on the air, let Doug know.

Half Price Books – Decatur, GA


What’s better than a book? A half-priced book.  That’s Half Price Books’ stock in trade. And yes, they sell new and used books and many at remarkable prices. Plus, they buy back books to sell again and spread the word. But that’s not the best thing about Half Price Books. To my way of thinking, it’s that despite its size (120 stores across the US), the company is still “family owned.”

Half Price Books’ family values show, too. Take for instance what they call “Local Author Saturdays” at the Decatur store and check out their schedule to know who’s coming next. And, perhaps my favorite event, even if it doesn’t involve books, Kitten Adoptions on March 25 as part of the store’s Lifeline Animal Project. Trust me, I know, pages fly by when you have a warm cuddly kitten in your lap.

Visit the Decatur Half Price Books at  2615 N Decatur Rd, Decatur, GA 30033 or on their website:

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