Breaking (Sad) News


hb logo
Yes, I just heard that another independent bookstore is closing.

It’s Humpus Bumpus, the only bookstore within twenty miles of my home in Cumming. They’re a victim not of a lack of readers but of growth (the area where the store has been for decades is enjoying a major construction boom), and the owner’s desire to retire.

I am very sad to see them go. Humpus Bumpus has long featured and promoted local authors, me among them. That’s my first book, face forward, on their local author shelves (fourth shelf down on the right).

local authors

So, the best I can say is thank you Paul and Christy for serving Cumming and our community of authors and readers.  We’ll be looking for Paul around town, sitting down with his feet up and a book in hand and for Christy, an author herself, tapping away on her computer with a cup of coffee nearby.


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