Atlanta: Matthew Quinn and Posman Books


Matthew Quinn

It’s October. And you know what that means. Already there are signs cropping up in a few front yards in my community, a net of white strands caught in the branches of an oak still holding its leaves, nearby a conical black hat topping the straw filled black cape astride a broom. A skeleton, arms and legs akimbo, dangling from a mailbox. Yes, Halloween is just around the corner.

So, of course, my thoughts go to what sends chills up my spine. And, while Stephen King, the master, has released something I dare not watch (It), Matthew Quinn has a new release too. Just in time. Perhaps it’s not time to put Matthew and Stephen together in the same sentence. Perhaps it is.

Matthew is a local author, born in Marietta but now living in “the city” itself. His new book, titled The Thing in the Woods — more on that later, I have to get up the courage — is not his first book, but it is his first full length novel. His other works, include a number of short stories, most of them in the horror genre, but some in science fiction and fantasy as well.


Don’t think for a minute that Matthew will stop with this novel, in fact, he already has a sequel in the works.

Matthew’s broad writing background will serve him well for years to come in future novels, stories, and small and large screen tales. He holds a degree in magazine journalism and history, started his career as a journalist, moved on to blogging, returned to school for a Masters in world history, and now teaches high school in Atlanta.

It’s his interest in history (and the history of the city around him) that adds layers of complexity and stories within stories to The Thing in the Woods and what makes the tale work for me. While I suspect we’ll see more historical events play out in future works, in this one, it’s the backdrop of recent history—the Great Recession—and the topical social issue of racism that have their tentacles interwoven with the story of James Daly, the seventeen-year-old protagonist.

One review calla The Thing in the Woods, a “great, heart-pounding, terror-filled, horror novel set in an American historical background. Okay, I’m taking a deep breath, tucking my feet up underneath me well away from the dark space beneath my chair, and cracking open the cover.

Read more about Matthew and The Thing in the Woods on Matthew’s blog at:
where he’s posted a video of a readingor on his Amazon author page:
or through his book page:

Posman Books, Ponce City Market, Atlanta


There’s a breath of fresh air rolling through town. Yes, true, there’s a hint of fall in the air, but that’s not what I mean. There’s something even better to those of us who call ourselves book lovers. There’s a new bookstore in town.

New might not be the most appropriate word, Posman Books has been in its location in Ponce City Market in the Old Fourth Ward of Atlanta for a year. And the parent of the Ponce City location is family-owned Posman Books with a twenty year history in New York City, with two locations, one in Rockefeller Center and one in Chelsea Market.

Posman Books has brought the best of the cutting edge, New York City ambience with a California flair in Marc Stiles the manager. Marc has wasted no time in making a name for Posmans in Atlanta and connecting with the local author community. He hosts frequent signings and other book events in the store. Stop by soon and make this new store your new favorite.

675 Ponce de Leon Avenue NE, Atlanta, GA 30308:

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